What are the Goals of Student Tech Teams?

The goal of the student tech team is allow students to use their knowledge of technology to help students, teachers, and the community. Together students and teachers create a powerful combination of supporting and learning technology in schools.

Students can use their technology skills to create tutorials on technology integration. In keeping with Enterprise Learning culture, students learn about what it takes to maintain a career in technology, how to network with others, and imitate real world learning processes.  

For students the benefits include authentic research and media production, professional level networking and sharing, and performing a real service for their school community. For teachers the benefits include learning alongside students and leading the charge to make the classroom experience a more real world 21st century experience for our students.

What do CCEL Student Tech Teams Do?

Student provide teachers and students on-site, immediately available technology support. CCEL teachers to know the students enough to vouch for their trustworthiness, responsibility, and technology skills.

Our Student Tech Teams

Clarendon School District Two

Orangeburg Consolidated School District Five

Richland School District Two

Williamsburg County School District