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5. Bequrious
 Kathy Shrock's Guide to QR Code

40 Interesting Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroom

QR Codes in the Classroom on Pinterest
QR Codes Livebinder

Digital Lessons & QR Codes

Introduction to QR Codes


 Jeopardy Labs

It’s Easy & It’s Free

All students love Jeopardy.  Jeopardy is a great way

for all students to learn. Build student’s self-esteem

and knowledge by pairing them up in small groups to

compete.  Create a jeopardy game on your device 

by visiting www.jeopardylabs.com. Jeopardy Labs

provides teachers with an easy way to deliver 

jeopardy to the students. No registration or fees 





Random Name Generators allow teachers to select

students in a random fashion.  You can also use them to give random questions, vocabulary, word problems.


 No student is called on twice

 Ensures students participation!


More Random Name Generators

 Class Tools Fruit Machine



 Super Teacher Tools


Substitute names with words or equations to make your

lessons interactive.



 Are you looking for a great way to review

information with students? Try Bingo Baker. Make

your own Bingo Games for your students. Add

vocabulary words, math equations, weather terms

and shapes. Browse the Bingo Library for premade

cards that you can edit for use in your classroom.

These cards can be saved to your computer for

future use. Just change your card name and enter

words or phrases. Eight cards may be printed at one

time. This game offers teachers the ability to create

review questions or check for understanding.