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Inquiry-Based Literacy Standards

Inquiry-Based Literacy Standards The Inquiry-Based Literacy Standards support teachers in structuring a classroom environment in which students can routinely and systematically engage in the process of inquiry. Students individually and collaboratively engage and interact with content to become curious, self-regulated, reflective learners. The Inquiry-Based Literacy Standards should be infused within and across all content areas and disciplines and are the responsibility of the entire school community. These standards work in concert with Disciplinary Literacy and should be viewed as a system or structure which supports student learning rather than being perceived as steps which lead to the development of a one-time research paper or project. 

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Read Works

Find free informational  and literary text  for your students based on state and national standards.  Each skill and strategy comes with a full lesson plan aligned to the common core standards.  Each lesson plan contains a unit with one or more lessons.   Lessons contain the book and lesson plan, student vocabulary builder, teacher and student materials and assessments.  This site also has over 1,000 nonfiction passages. Search by keyword  or Lexile Level to access passages and questions sets in any subject area.  
 Story Bird

 K-12Story bird is an awesome website for building great novels. The fantastic art on the website is donated by various artists.  Sign up with a free account to get started. Student accounts are also available.   Click the create button choose your artwork and begin typing your story.  Test student collaboration skills by having students collaborate. Once the story is published, you can share the link and embed the storybook on your website. 

K-12Explore a new Wonder each day with Wonderopolis, a website to spark the curiosity in your students. Each day an intriguing question is  explored by students in a variety of ways. 
 Teach Thought                
 36 Core Teacher Apps for Inquiry Learning with iPads


 K-12                        Great Resource for Apps that work to support inquiry based learning.
 Connect Inquiry Learning                                                   K-8               Inquiry for resources elementary and middle school teachers
 Inquiry LivebinderK-12