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Who We Are

We are a Consortium Creating Enterprise Learners!

Clarendon School District Two, Orangeburg Consolidated School District Five, Richland School District Two, and Williamsburg School District comprise the Carolina Consortium for Enterprise Learning (CCEL). PK-12 students in CCEL schools will become Enterprise Learners who successfully develop, pursue, and attain rigorous learning and living goals that prepare them for college, careers, and citizenship. 

  • Students in CCEL schools will gain the academic, technological , and life skills necessary for success in college, careers, and citizenship.
  • Educators in CCEL schools will improve their skills to provide engaging and rigorous standards-based curriculum, instruction, and assessments that address each student's needs and interests.
  • CCEL schools will provide supportive learning environments that are conducive to personalized and Enterprise Learning and instruction and that yield increased student, parent, and teacher satisfaction.
  • CCEL will build local and statewide partnerships to engage, guide, and participate in Enterprise Learning initiatives beyond the school campus. 
  • CCEL districts will build their capacities to sustain Enterprise Learning and turn around by continuing CCEL collaboration, improving climate and culture, and embedding continuous improvement methodologies across all areas of operations.