CCEL will build local and statewide partnerships to engage, guide, and participate in Enterprise Learning initiatives beyond the CCEL school campus.

  • Each CCEL district will engage local Institutions of Higher Education (IHE) to provide expanded dual enrollment for students in grades 10-12 and opportunities for students in earlier grades to complete college level work.
  • Each CCEL district will involve community businesses and industries, governmental agencies, health care providers, and IHE partners to advance learning through community-building activities, community-service activities, and college/career information and opportunities.


CCEL districts will build their capacities to sustain Enterprise Learning and turn around schools by continuing CCEL collaboration, improve climate and culture, and embedding continuous improvement across all operations.
  • District leadership teams will participate in all professional development to ensure alignment between CCEL and district practices.
  • CCEL districts will share resources and “best practices” across the consortium, including lesson plans, policies and procedures, and observation/feedback procedures and materials.