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The South Carolina Department of Education provides information and resources on End of Course Examinations.  All South Carolina students taking End of Course (EOC) courses, must take the state-mandated End-Of-Course Examination. 

"The examinations, which count 20 percent of the students' final grade in each gateway or benchmark course, currently include Algebra 1/Mathematics for the Technologies 2, English 1, U.S. History and the Constitution, and Biology 1/Applied Biology 2." (Source: South Carolina Department of Education - End of Course Examination Information Page, para.2)

This page will provide you with important information regarding these exams.

Algebra 1 EOC Resources Biology 1/(Applied Biology 2) EOC Resources  EEnglish 1 EOC Resources

Algebra 1 Non-Calculator Test 

Algebra 1 Calculator Test 

Teacher's Guide With Sample Items 

Calculator Use Policy 

Clearing Calculators 

Academic Standards 

Standards Formatted for Distribution to

Reference Sheet 

Academic Standards 

Biology Teacher's Guide 

Test Blueprint 

Biology Support Document 

EOC's Review of the Biology 1/Applied

Biology End-of-Course Test 

2014 Presentation made to SCSELA -

November 14, 2014

Academic Standards

Pearson EOC English Practice Tests

Argumentative-ForConversation, Press #1 

Critical-Sweetnessand Life 

Expressive-Onlyin the Peace Corps

Expressive-TheAppalachian Trail 

Informational-Town'sOnly Doctor Still Handles Practice Old Fashioned Way 


Algebra 1 EOC Online Practice Tools

McGraw Hill Math Tools

Interactive Test Reviews

Online Practice Samples 

South Carolina Online Assessments (log ins required)

EOC Online Calculator

Biology I EOC Online Practice Tools

Biology Review Games

2008 SOL Released Test Interactive

2007 SOL Released Test Interactive

Virginia Released 2005 EOC Test Interactive

Virginia Released 2006 EOC Test Interactive

Multiple Choice Test Questions and Review

Materials - from Regents

STAAR Biology Test Questions

Mitosis & Meiosis Review Game

South Carolina Online Assessments (log ins required)

English 1 EOC Online Practice Tools

South Carolina Online Assessments (log ins required)

2010 SOL Released Reading Test Interactive

Test Prep Review - Grammar 1Grammar II, Grammar III

Interactive Test Prep - Reading Comprehension IReading Comprehension II

Sentence Correction Test Prep

Reading Vocabulary Test Prep

Word Usage Practice - Set 1Set 2Set 3

Writing Review - Set 1Set 2

Mathematics for the Technologies EOC Resources U.S. History and the Constitution EOC Resources

Practice Test 1

Practice Test 2
Practice Test 3

2012-13 Assessment Information (revised August 2012) (64 Kb PDF)

Academic Standards (revised August 2011) (306 Kb PDF)

Test Blueprint (revised August 2011) (24 Kb PDF)

Teacher's Guide With Sample Items (revised August 2011) (251 Kb PDF)

Release Items (revised August 2011) (1.2 Mb pptx)

Web-based Resources and Support Documents

Math EOC Online Practice Tools 

Item Sampler

Mathematical Processes
Number and Operations
Geometry & Measurement
Data Analysis, Statistics, & Probability
*From Tennessee Department of Education Practice Tests and Samplers
History EOC Online Practice Tools

U.S. History Online Review Quizzes
 (From historyteacher.net)

U.S. History Online Multiple Choice Review by Time Period (from Regents)

2012 SOL Released Test Interactive - US History to 1865

2012 SOL Released Test Interactive - 1865 - Present

STAAR U.S. History Test Questions

NC Sample Test Questions - Adobe Acrobat File

U.S. History Review - by Pearson Education

US History Online Practice Test